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Where can I develop my business and build the system?
The system allows you to open accounts that you can invest and trade bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, with SBC trading platform. Moreover, you are free to grow the member network within your system anywhere in the world, provided that you must support them with your best.
Can I change my personal information such as mobile number, email, bank account, etc. in the system?
You are allowed to change any personal information at any time through a password verification sent to your registered email.
What will happen to my account if I don’t make a 15% reinvestment after 60 days of receiving interests?
You are required to make the 15% reinvestment after 60 days period of getting the interests, otherwise your account will be disabled. Only when you complete the reinvestment amount, your account will be reactivated and qualified for the interest and commission.
Can I request a money transfer within my internal system?
You can transfer money within your system so that you can easily boost the investment packages and support the system.
What is withdrawal limit?
You can get a minimum of US$10 and no maximum amount limit.
What is the minimum investment I can start with?
You can start as low as US$100.
How to recover a forgotten login account?
All you need is to send an email to our customer support and provide your information. The system will check and email the login credentials to you.
What is the referral link?
It is a link that you can share with new members and those who would like to join SBC.
How to upgrade the investment package?
You are very welcome to advance your package. The greater the investment, the higher your interests will be.
How long will a PH request be verified?
After your transaction has gone through 3 authentications, the system will auto-verify the completion.
How long until my account begins to earn interest?
Starting from the 8th day, you’ll be receiving interest payment for the first day. When you get all interests for 300 days, your benefits will stop provided that you have to make a reinvestment of 15% every 60 days.
How do I deposit money to SBC?
You will choose a suitable package first. Then deposit the exact amount of bitcoins in your package, converted in USD at the time. Upon the completion of 3 authentications, your transaction will be successful.
Is my information kept confidential?
Yes, your contact and billing information is kept confidential and will never be given or sold to any third party.
How many accounts can I register?
You can have maximum 07 (seven) accounts. In case you are a big investor, please choose the SHAREHOLDER package, investing capital up to $100,000 that offers greatest interests to SBC’s shareholder.
How can I open an account?
You will need a reference person who can assist you in registering an account with SBC or you can personally create an account directly from a referral link. General information is required as follows:
- User name
- Mobile number (You must register a number directed to your Telegram account that can be reached when necessary)
- Email address
- Bitcoin wallet address (for direct withdrawal)
- A photocopy of your ID card or Passport